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Hi! I’m David Ker. — October 26, 2018
You can now hire me on Fiverr. — April 1, 2020

You can now hire me on Fiverr.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

I’ve decided to start a side hustle selling music on Fiverr. I currently am selling chill electronic music, but you can hire me to do any kind of commission.

Click on any of the images below to be taken to those gigs.

Original instrumental music for your project.


A collection of 7 background music pieces (with a bonus 7 songs)

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Ear Candy Avalanche! Free music for creatives for 21 days — March 29, 2020

Ear Candy Avalanche! Free music for creatives for 21 days

I’m making one of my collections of background music available as a free download during the 2020 Lockdown in South Africa. Each song comes in two formats: a loopable beat for short form video projects and a more “song-like” track for longer form narrative, vlogs and more.

You can mention @davidkermusic on Instagram or Facebook. Or not. It’s up to you.

Please note music may not be packaged for resale but you’re welcome to remix, chop, etc.

Here’s the link: Download “Ear Candy Avalanche” by David Ker (117mb Zip file)

Reversal Rehearsal – new electronic album — February 6, 2020
The Album is coming! | Didn’t See It Coming — December 12, 2019

The Album is coming! | Didn’t See It Coming

I’ve finally got it into my head that an album would be a good thing to do. When I started picking songs, I realized there were 12 cool songs that would work well together. I’ll be finishing up the arrangements in December and then hopefully getting all the vocals shaped up in the early part of 2020. This is only possible because I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some wonderful musicians who have really put their hearts into these songs.

Here’s the current song list:

Flip Flops
Color the sky
Last Night Alone
Even If
Inside Your Sunlight
Build a fancy castle
Fine fine fine
Didn’t see it coming
I’ll take care of you
Honey Bee
Right Now

Here’s an update on the album:

minor recliner – new EP — August 8, 2019

minor recliner – new EP

This is my latest installment in my ongoing affair with electronic music. I admit that I still struggle with seing this as “real” music. Isn’t sample-based music just a bit too easy? I will say two thngs in its favor. First, millenials love it. I’ve got more positive feedback from the avocado toast crowd for this stuff than I’ve ever got for my folky singer-songwritr stuff. Second, making this music is payful in a way that “real” musc isn’t. I have probably a dozen songs that need to be recorded in the singer-songwriter genre but they are just a lot of work. So this stuff isn’t world-changing but it’s fun. I heard someone call chillhop “smooth jazz for millennials.” Hope you enjoy.

Also available on iTunes and Spotify.

Zim – a song inspired by a trip to Zimbabwe — July 2, 2019

Zim – a song inspired by a trip to Zimbabwe

Hilary and I traveled to Zimbabwe with our son, Ben. We were visiting our daughter, Eleanor, and her husband, Johno. This trip was full of delights, a weekend in Nyanja, a huge Thursday night dinner with friends, visits to various friends and relations. Despite financial chaos and continual political uncertainty, the Zimbabweans I met seemed strangely content and fiercely loyal to their country.

On the flight home, I started composing this song. It started as an electronic song with funky beats but slowly morphed into this sad lament.

Duckstep EP now on Spotify and Apple Music — June 12, 2019